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May 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
Real Estate Photography Enhancement

A few days ago I photographed a newly listed home for sale. The weather was perfect for portraiture because it was overcast and the lighting was very even. However it was not ideal for real estate photography. The exposure on the house itself was good and there were little, if any shadows, but the sky being overcast and grey, left a lot to be desired.

On the way home the sky turned blue, so I stopped and got a few pictures of the blue sky with some nice cloud formations. When I got home I got a little creative and replaced the flat, grey sky with the nice blue sky. I also adjusted the exposure on the house, especially the roof and sun-facing side in order to maintain a realistic appearance. While I was at it I also fertilized the lawn :-).


BEFOREbeforeclick to enlarge

The photo without any enhancements. The exposure on the house itself is good. There are no harsh shadows. But the photo is boring because the sky is bleak


AFTERafterclick to enlarge

The photo after enhancements. The sky is blue with some nice clouds. The exposure on the house is retained, but enhanced to match the sky and appear that it was photographed on a nice sunny day. The lawn has been fertilized.

If you were in the market for a new home, which photo would grab your attention?



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