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It's in the DETAILS!

March 22, 2017  •  1 Comment

It's in the details!

Real Estate Photography is more challenging than you may think. Photography is all about the lighting - using it to your advantage, keeping is as even as possible, consistent, and controlling shadows. To do it correctly, there is more often than not, a need to use artificial light (flash or strobe), but that can create some challenges as well. For example light from the flash reflecting on a cabinet, window, TV, or other reflective surfaces. Often these challenges are overlooked and/or dismissed. In fact, many people may not even notice it unless it was really nasty. However, a good photographer who takes pride in his/her work should make every effort to avoid it, and if that is not possible, fix it.

In the photo below, a flash was used in order to light the room properly. However, as you can see in the top photo (before), this resulted in a glare on the cabinets, especially on the left. There are ways to minimize, but not effectively eliminate this when capturing the photo. However, as you can see in the bottom photo (after), the glare has been eliminated, making the photo much more appealing.

It's in the details!

IMG_5898BEFORENotice the glare on the cabinets Kitchen-1AFTERThe glare has been eliminated from the cabinets



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