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Taking your job seriously

April 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Are you serious about selling homes?

If you are a realtor that is serious about selling homes, then you should be taking advantage of the benefits of a real estate photographer who is as serious about photography as you are about selling houses!

Much of your success in selling homes depends on the first impressions people get when viewing homes on-line. Are you putting your best foot forward? Are your photos good enough to convince a potential buyer to want to schedule an appointment? It is well known that good photography sells houses. There is a reason why the most successful realtors and real estate teams use professional photographers. Do not risk your success with anything other than magazine quality photography captured by a professional using professional grade equipment.Your photographer should be using a professional full-frame camera, a sturdy tripod, a wide-angle lens, and the proper lighting to ensure that rooms are well and evenly lit.

The camera you see here is the Canon 5D Mark III full frame professional camera. It is sitting on a Manfrotto professional tripod with a geared tripod head. This specialized tripod enables the camera to be positioned precisely and securely so that vertical lines are vertical and horizontal lines are horizontal. The unit on top of the camera is a RF (Radio Frequency) remote control used to control multiple flashes, making it possible to properly and evenly light a room, and to light adjacent rooms so they are not dark in the photo. (click to enlarge photo)


It is equally important that your professional photographer has an eye for capturing what is important in every room, and that vertical and horizontal lines are in the proper perspective. Your photographer should be an expert at processing the photos to deliver magazine quality photography. You are paying good money, so you should expect great results. Photos should have the proper white balance so interiors look bright and inviting. Compare the photos below and decide which you think would better represent your listings.


The photo on the left was captured by an inexperienced photographer. Notice how dark the photo is, especially in the living room off to the left. (click to enlarge photo)

The photo on the right was captured by JMAUROPHOTO. This photo shows the relationship of the foyer to both the living room and the dining room, both of which are evenly lit, not dark. The photo has the proper white balance and is sharp, plus you can see through the windows of the front door. (click to enlarge photo)

Foyer-1Photo by JMAUROPHOTOPhoto captured by JMAUROPHOTO




This photo of the master bathroom suffers from the some of the same issues as described above. The photo on the left was captured by the same photographer. The photo has poor white balance and is dark. The photographer appears to have made an effort to light the adjacent room, but in general this photo gets a C-. (click to enlarge photo)

The photo on the right was captured by JMAUROPHOTO. The photo shows more of the room making it look larger. The white balance is correct and the room looks nice and bright. (click to enlarge photo)

Master Bath-2Master Bath-2

You decide! which photos do you want representing your listings? The age-old saying is true: "you get what you pay for." In the examples above, the realtor ended up paying for two complete sets of photos by two different photographers. Save yourself time, aggravation, and money. Your clients are paying you good money to sell their homes. They chose you because you are the best. You already provide them outstanding service. Make sure that your outstanding service includes outstanding photography.

Call on JMAUROPHOTO to get photography that will help you sell homes fast.





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