jmaurophoto | MLS increases photo limit from 25 to 40!

MLS increases photo limit from 25 to 40!

October 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

More photos for your listings!

Realtors, by now you have heard that the MLS limit of photos you can use for your listings has been increased from 25 to 40! For the realtor it means that you can showcase your homes with additional photos and better attract potential buyers to your listings, which is especially beneficial for selling larger homes. For the photographer it means it will take longer to photograph and process the additional photography for clients who would like to take advantage of the increased number of photos.


How will this affect your photography? Will your photographer increase prices in order to provide you with the additional photos? 


NOT if you are a JMAUROPHOTO client.


JMAUROPHOTO clients will not be affected by any price change for their photography as a result of this great news. Our clients are already accustomed to receiving more high quality, professional photos than they require. In some cases, we have provided in excess of 60 photos to choose from. Now your life will be easier because now you can select 15 more photos for your listings.


Contact JMAUROPHOTO for your professional real estate photography.



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