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Before and After

December 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Before and After

Today's Before and After photo. Both photos were taken with the same camera (mine), in the same spot.

This photo, the "before" photo, represents the results you could expect from a non-professional photographer. It was taken using the camera's light meter to judge the lighting and set the proper exposure. At first glance you might think the photo is okay, However, you can see that the lighting is not even across the photo and the photo is not perfectly level.


The bottom photo, the "after" photo, represents the results you will get when using a professional who specializes in Real Estate and Architectural photography, like JMAUROPHOTO. By adding light in the right areas areas, leveling the photo, and using some special techniques, the photo is evenly lit, has a much better/brighter exposure, and in general demonstrates a photo that is much more appealing, and will better attract potential buyers to request a showing.


This is the difference I see when I compare photos of homes taken by realtors, even those with nice DSLR cameras, to photos taken by professional architecture photographers. It is also the difference the home-buyers see when browsing for homes on the internet. To me the difference is striking. Which is the photo that you prefer?




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