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Architectural and Real Estate Photography Pricing                                                                           

Residential Real Estate Photography

Pricing for residential home photography is based on the listing price of the home using a factor that decreases as the listing price of the home increases rather than a price range in which you would pay the same for a house that is listed at $200,000 as you would pay for a house that is listed at $500,000.

Homes up to $500k are priced using a factor of 0.07% (0.0007) starting at $150 to a maximum price of $250

Homes between $501k and $999k are priced using a factor of 0.045% (0.00045) starting at $250 to a maximum of $350

Homes between $1M and $2M are priced using a factor of .035% (0.00035) starting at $350 to a maximum of $450

Homes over $2M are priced individually based on the size, number of rooms, and size of property.


  • a $200k house prices at $150 and includes the items show below
  • a $350k house prices at $245 and includes the items shown below
  • a $500k house prices at $250 and includes the items shown below
  • a $750k house prices at $335 and includes the items shown below

Our minimum charge is $150.

What’s included?

All residential real estate photography Includes:

  • An unlimited number of photos, including
    • 2-3 photographs per room (depending on the room)
    • up to 15 exterior elevation and landscape photographs
  • Appropriate naming and tagging (SEO) of all photos
  • Amenities and community entrance (upon request)
  • Photographic post-processing and retouching as required
  • 24 hour turn-around (or in most cases, less)
  • Hosting of complete photo gallery
  • Gallery and Photos Captioned with Contact Info and Link to Google Map
  • All photos are provided according to the size and dimension specifications of the MLS
  • Current clients in good standing have free access to RealtorResources™, including the AmenitiesLibrary™


The complete gallery of photos remains hosted on-line at so you can provide potential buyers access to see the complete gallery of high definition photographs of your listing. The gallery or slideshow may also be shared directly to social media sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) for increased exposure.

Rental Properties

Rental properties are invoiced at 10% of one months rent with a minimum fee of $150.00. A maximum fee is determined by the size of the property.

Commercial Real Estate Pricing

Pricing starts at $250 is based on the size of the building, number of rooms, and intended use of photos. Call or e-mail for a price quote.

Pricing for Interior Decorators and Designers

Session fee is $200 per hour including fully cropped and retouched photos with a one hour minimum. Your session also includes an unlimited use-license.

Pricing for New Home Builders

Model Home Photography pricing is based on the size of the home starting at $250.00.

Homes up to 3,000 sq. ft.:  $250.00

Homes 3,000 - 5,000 sq. ft.: $350.00

Homes over 5,000 sq. ft.:     $450.00

Photography includes the above-mentioned items and an unlimited use-license.

Additional Charges

  • A nominal mileage fee is charged for properties over 50 miles round-trip
  • A nominal fee is charged for trips over one hour in each direction
  • Panoramic Photography (price based on scope of photography)
  • $25 for HD Virtual Tour with license-free music (add $10 for custom captions)
  • $150 for Twilight photography
    • 1 - 2 photos provided of either the front or back of the home
    • Additional $75 for both sides of the home
  • $50 for Exterior re-shoot (travel fees may apply depending on location)
  • $50 minimum for Interior re-shoot.  Final priced based on the scope of photography (travel fees may apply depending on location)
  • $75 surcharge for Sunday Photography
  • Skyview Still and Video Photography (Call for pricing)
  • A "Wasted Trip" fee will be billed at 75% of the normal price of photography plus any travel fees if the home is not accessible or clearly not ready for photography
  • Last minute cancellations will be billed at 75% of the photography price. If you must cancel, please give notify us 24 hours prior to the the scheduled appointment.


Photos are licensed for use for one year to the original client only and may not be resold or redistributed to any third party. However regular clients can request gallery reactivation for no additional cost if required. Other clients will be required to pay a reactivation fee of $100.

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Prices current as of January, 2018 and are subject to change without notice.