My name is James Mauro and I am a photographer.

The passion I have for photography goes back as long as I can remember and I owe it all to my dad, whose first camera is used as an element throughout our branding. In 1973 when I was a high school freshman I took a class in photography as an elective. I didn’t have a camera, so my dad took me to NYC and bought me a brand new Canon EF 35mm SLR camera. It was (and still is) an awesome camera.

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Over the years, I took my camera almost everywhere I went and took pictures of nearly everything I saw. It was expensive in the film days (remember those days?) because you never saw the results until you got the film developed. For that reason it was important to know how to use your camera to get the desired result without wasting film and money. It was a great learning experience!

As a youth I printed, framed and sold my photos at local art shows. It gave me a tremendous feeling of pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment whenever someone bought my photography! I carry that feeling with me to this day.

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After graduating from college with a marketing degree, my great uncle (a lithographer), having seen my photos hanging throughout our home, developed a great appreciation for my photographic talents and encouraged me to pursue a career in the graphic arts. Taking his advice I secured  what became a 30 year career in product management, marketing, and public relations for a major industrial supplier to the graphic arts industry. I was active in the corporate world, complete with the excitement of international travel, high profile public speaking, writing for major industry publications, and worldwide major trade events. This career was a perfect match because one of my main responsibilities was the reproduction of color, which is a perfect correlation to photography. Through it all my camera was always close at hand and I used it at every opportunity to compliment my career.


I was once offered some really great wisdom – “to be successful, do what you like to do.” This is advice I took to heart and decided to depart the corporate life to pursue my passion for photography. For me, it’s not only about the camera… it’s about the people, the smiles, and the satisfaction in knowing that I helped preserve a personal memory or assisted a company in boosting their marketing, sales efforts, and image. I love getting out and interacting with people and companies.  Providing services to clients that meets and exceeds their expectations continuously rekindles the feeling of pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment I had as a youth selling my photos at the local art shows.


My goal is your satisfaction. It is to capture a moment that will give you memories that will last a lifetime – whether it’s your professional headshot, a portrait, a corporate event, or a special occasion. It is to capture the angle of a product, or photos of a home that will showcase it as best as possible and be an asset to achieving your sales objectives.

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This page is about me, but what I do is all about YOU!

My name is James Mauro and I want to be your photographer.

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