360° Experience Tours

JMAUROPHOTO is dedicated to providing services designed to help market and sell homes. In addition to award-winning still photography, we provide aerial  photography, video tours, virtual tours, and Virtual Staging. We have also created RealtorResources™ and the Amenities Library™ as additional resources to benefit real estate sales efforts.

We also offer professional 360 Experience Tours. These are made from spherical photos that are linked together into an interactive virtual tour that immerse the viewer into a self-guided tour of the subject.

Not only for Real Estate

360 Experience Tours are not only great for for Real Estate sales, but are an excellent tool to enhance the on-line presence of a wide variety of businesses and establishments such as Educational Institutions, Automobile Dealerships, Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Retail Establishments, Gyms, Theaters, Concert Halls, and any other establishment that has web site. The finished 360 Experience runs on your webs site using an embed code, or as an option, can be delivered to you to host on your own server.

360 Experience Tours for Real Estate enhance your listings and decrease the time to sell.

How does it work?

A 360° camera is used to capture the exterior and interior spaces of a home and the result enables your potential buyers to virtually tour the home using their computer and mouse. Viewers can easily navigate a home by scrolling from room to room and visualize different elevations. There is also a mobile viewer that enables the user to visualize the house on a smartphone (iPhone or Android) simply by moving the phone in any direction. The tour can easily be branded and/or unbranded for compliance with the MLS.


How long does it take?

It typically takes 30 - 45 minutes to capture a home. Larger homes with many rooms take a little longer. Turn-around time is within 48 hours.



Go Live

You can also Go Live with your tour, allowing you to host a remote, live, interactive virtual walk-through of the home with up to four clients. Using your computer with a web cam and microphone or a mobile device, you can lead your prospective buyers through the home and and describe the features. You can also give them control so they can "walk through" and ask you questions about the house. There is no additional fee for this feature.


Floor Plans

For an additional fee, your 360 Experience can include an interactive floorplan in which each space in the floorplan is linked to the corresponding space in the 360 Experience.



What is the price?

Pricing starts at $175 for small homes 2,000' and smaller and up to $275 depending on the size of the house, number of rooms, and intended use. Very large luxury homes are priced according to size and number of rooms up to $450.


Commercial properties and multi-family dwellings start at $250 with a $25 annual hosting fee.


Since this is a cloud-based interactive tour and not a video, it will not run or play on Facebook as a video. If you use the "Share to Facebook" link it will generate an icon with a 360 hotlink that you can post. Your tour is hosted in a cloud based service where you can easily grab the embed code to run on your site. 360° Experience tours incur a separate fee from other photographic services.




  • Include a Lead Generation link (an icon with a info message to send you an e-mail)

  • Include your name and contact info (*see note below)

  • Add your company logo (*see note below)

  • Add ambient sound or music while the tour is being viewed

  • Lock tour in a horizontal view as opposed the spherical 360 view

  • De-activate the auto-rotation

  • Start the tour with the thumbnail ribbon hidden

  • Add links to the HD gallery on your home's photo gallery for a slideshow, complete gallery, or photos of individual rooms ($25.00 fee)

  • Go Live - remotely host a tour of the home with up to four people

  • Interactive Floorplan - Fully Interactive with the 360 Experience Tour (additional fee)

  • Add to Google Street View


Note: *Including these options are not MLS compliant, but can easily be removed.


Please take a moment to view these 360° client Experience Tours and see how a 360 Tour can benefit your sales efforts. You can move around the screen by using your mouse, zoom in using the wheel on your mouse, and navigate from room to room using the hot links (circled arrows) in the display. Try viewing on your mobile device!

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Send a text message to 770-330-8640 if you would like to receive a link to the mobile demo.


Samples of actual client tours

This tour includes optional features, including an aerial panoramic overview of the property and surrounding area, interactive floorplans, and lead generation.


Model Home


Local Automobile Dealership

Assisted Living Home. This tour starts with an aerial, spherical photo that leads to each of the buildings