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Thank you for taking the time to visit this test site and evaluating this new technology. I appreciate your feedback!

As you photographer, I am always thinking about new ways to to enhance my business that will help yours. I am currently considering an investment the latest technology for showcasing your homes: a 3-D camera that will enable your potential buyers to virtually walk through the home using their computer and mouse. Viewers can easily navigate a home, scroll from room to room and visualize different elevations of the home. The technology is quite costly, but in my ongoing efforts as your photographer, and desire to provide you with the latest and greatest tools to help you gain new clients and increase your business, I am seriously considering this investment. The estimated cost to you for this new service will start at approximately $225/home and higher for larger, high end and luxury homes. There would also be a monthly hosting fee of about $10.00/home. A discount would be applied if multiple homes are being hosted simultaneously. Depending volume, I am also considering hosting based on a more affordable subscription based fee. Photo galleries are hosted in a cloud based service and you can easily grab the embed code to run the model on your site. There are essentially three views: Dollhouse, Floorplan, and Inside. Due to the nature of the technology you would not be able download the final product.

This would be in addition to or in place of still photography.

Please take a moment to view this 3-D sample and judge for yourself whether or not this new technology can benefit your business. Once you have had the chance to review this, e-mail me your level interest, comments and/or questions by clicking HERE