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At JMAUROPHOTO we are always looking for services to offer our Real Estate and Architectural clients options that can enhance the presentation and presence of the homes they are marketing. The latest endeavor we are considering is virtual home staging, which can be a cost saving alternative for realtors and new home builders who are promoting vacant homes lacking furnishings. After researching many options, we have chosen a partner who, in our opinion offers the best service and quality for our clients. We see this offering most valuable for vacant new constructions offered by new home builders and vacant homes marketed by realtors for listings starting at $500,000. A staged home typically attracts more attention than a vacant home.


For new home builders seeking photography of new models for brochures and website publicity, this can be a great alternative to the expense of physical staging, which can cost thousands of dollars in staging fees, furniture rental, etc. The same benefits are also applicable for Realtors marketing new or pre-inhabited homes that are vacant.



Q: How much more time would this service add to delivering finished photos for my listing?

A: Generally the turn-around is 24 to 48 hours depending on the number of photos, however we can provide rush processing for a nominal fee.

Q: Potential home-buyer will see a staged home on internet-based listings and brochures, but not when they get to the home.

A: A reasonable explanation is that specific rooms have been "staged" to make the home more appealing and to give potential buyers a good idea as to furniture placement and how the home could be decorated.

Q: Which are the best rooms to "stage?"

A: In our opinion, the most important rooms are those that commonly draw the most attention: Family/Great Room, Kitchen, and Master Bedroom, but any room in the home can be staged.

Q: Does the home have to be staged at the same time as the original photography?

A: No. Rooms can be staged at any time, so if the home is listed with less than desirable activity, we can stage any room to help enhance the listing and generate more interest. A staged home typically attracts more attention than a vacant home.

Q: How good is virtual staging?

A: Our reputation is based on excellent photography, service, and value and would only consider a partner with the same objectives. We have found a partner who in our opinion delivers excellent, realistic, and life-like renderings of staged rooms. We invite you to formulate your own opinion by viewing the samples below.

Q: What is the price?

A: We are still considering final pricing, which will be based on the number of rooms staged. Pricing will be offered for single staged photos as well as packages for three and six staged photos. Packages will be priced attractively for savings vs. single photo staging.


Below you will find several before and after examples of recently photographed vacant homes which have been virtually staged. These are homes photographed by JMAUROPHOTO. Click on any photo to enlarge it for more detailed viewing.

Before and After Samples

Sample 1 - Unstaged Great Room


Sample 1 - Staged Great Room

Sample 1 - UnstagedSample 1 - Unstaged   Sample 1 - Staged Great RoomSample 1 - Staged Great Room

Sample 2 - Unstaged Living Room


Sample 2 - Staged Living Room

Sample 2 - Unstaged Living RoomSample 2 - Unstaged Living Room   Sample 2 - Staged Living RoomSample 2 - Staged Living Room

We would love to hear from you with your opinion and if you think this is a service that you may find useful. Naturally this is not a solution for all situations and pricing is a consideration. However, compared to the cost of physically staging a home this may be a good alternative. Based on your feedback will will (hopefully) be promoting this as a valued-added service of JMAUROPHOTO. Please send your feedback by clicking HERE and sending your comments in an e-mail. We value your opinion and want to hear from you.